29 Sep 2018

Industrial Companies Must Cooperate with Universities to Run Industrial Revolution 4.0

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The private industrial world and state-owned enterprises in Indonesia desperately need the role of universities and students who are able to develop applications in the field of Information Technology (IT) in running the industrial revolution 4.0.

“Private industry and government companies must work with universities and students, especially in the field of Information Technology to oversee the industrial revolution 4.0 so that the presence of academics can benefit the industry,” said the Managing Director of Biofarma, Rahman Roestan, when presenting his presentation Disruptive Technology: advance In Transforming Life and Business In Indonesia at the Bandung ICT EXPO 2018 Leaders Talk event at the Trans Convention Center, in Bandung, Saturday (09/29/2018.

Roestan admitted that Biofarma had experienced difficulties in developing Biofarma industry because it did not have human resources who were experts in the IT field. In the last year Biofarma opened itself by recruiting IT graduates to more develop industries in Biofarma.

“Previously, Biofarma had difficulty obtaining HR in IT. With the existence of graduates from Telkom University, Biofarma is assisted to carry out its activities, “he said

On the same occasion, Roslan also expressed his support if Telkom University opened the Department of Bioinformatics. According to him, Bioinformatics is really needed in Indonesia, especially for Biofarma.

“At present we need experts to sort and understand data in large numbers (Big Data) in the fields of biological, genetic, food science and technology,” he said. (*)